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Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation


Because your tires are your vehicle's only contact point with the road, the pressure level and their condition must absolutely be checked during every maintenance visit. inappropriate weight distribution on the wheels can cause irregular wear and vibrations and make driving unpleasant. Wheel alignment should be done regularly in order to extend the life of your tires and to ensure safe, pleasant and efficient driving.

Tire rotation consists of carrying out a rotation every 10,000 or 12,000 km to ensure uniform wear. Do not combine different makes or models of tires and do not change their sizes without consulting us. When you replace your tires, trust the expert's advice at Rallye Tires to help you choose the right tires.

Tire Storage


If you are short of space to store your tires, we are the storage speciallists. Rallye tires can take care of storing them for a small extra fee. All the tires are labeled , the wear is measured and this information is carefully kept in files just like your tires.

Our tire storage service is an added value component of the range of services offered at Rallye Tires. Call us today at 514-636-4605 to arrange storage for your tires!



Trust in the expertise of Rallye Tires for the repair and modification of the suspension systems in the West-Island .

The suspension system of your vehicle allows you to drive in full comfort. When it is well-maintained, the suspension allows you to maintain proper road-handling during acceleration and turns. It also ensures safe braking distances. Suspension and steering components contribute to the proper control of your vehicle and your complete comfort but they are also tasked for holding your tires in full contact with the road. An annual inspection by Rallye Tires ensures you a pleasant driving experience. We offer suspension repair and modification services to meet your needs.



Shocks are an essential part of the suspension system. These components push the wheels toward the road, so that the tires adhere properly to the pavement. Shocks in good condition ensure your comfort, prolong the life of your tires and contribute to your safety by maintaining good contact between the tires and the road. Normal lifespan for shocks is roughly 80,000 km. Have yours checked at Rallye Tires service centre today!

Wheel Alignment


Incorrect alignment of the wheels is often unnoticeable, but it can cause damage to your tires and to your steering components. It can then lead to a more rapid wear of the tire tread and reduce your vehicle's adherence to the road. It is therefore recommended to have wheel alignment performed on your car's tires every 12 months or 20,000 km. So why not maximize your vehicle's road handling and ensure your safety by visiting Rallye Tires service centre? Book a service appointment today!

Cooling Systems


Bring your vehicle to Rallye Tires and benefit from the work of real professionals on the repair of your cooling system.

A vehicle's engine temperature is controlled by the cooling system. When an engine overheats, it means the temperature limit has been exceeded. This can cause major damage to the motor's components. The same system ensures heating and de-icing in the winter is vital for maintaining the right operating temperature of your engine. The anti- freeze liquid found in the system must be tested at least once a year, before the cold season. Do not add water before consulting with an expert at Rallye Tires.



Trust the expertise of Rallye Tires for brake repairs.
The brake pedal goes further down than usual, the brake fluid level is lower than it normally is, the brakes lack precision or the car vibrates when you apply them? These are indications of a defective braking system. This sophisticated system must be regularly maintained. Proper maintenance, performed regularly at Rallye Tires , prolongs the life of your brake disks and pads. It also prevents possible damage to other components, sparing you expensive repairs. Brake fluid contaminated by humidity and dirt can cause serious damage to the calipers, wheel cylinders and the master cylinder. It can also interfere with the performance of ABS brakes. It is therefore crucial to carry out proper maintenance of your brakes to ensure your safety.

Oil Changes


Engine oil changes should be carried out at 4,800 to 12,000 km intervals.

These days, engines are true marvels of technology. Which does not mean that they don't need protection against the wear and tear of frequent engine stops, muddy and dusty roads, extreme temperature changes and other difficult driving conditions. If you carry out oil changes regularly or at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer, all parts will be well lubricated therefore you will help prevent the premature wear of engine components.



For a professional job, trust the maintenance and repair of your muffler to Rallye Tires .

This principal component of the exhaust system allows the reduction of both the speed and temperature of gases emitted by the engine, as well as reducing the noise it produces. At Rallye Tires our technicians will make sure that the muffler and other components of your exhaust system meet environmental régulations.

Engine Tuneup


For better performance of the engine and to start your car properly , it is essential that your engine is inspected regularly at a professional service centre. This service is offered at Rallye Tires , it includes spark plugs replacement and the ignition system verification, this will ensure better performance and lower fuel consumption. Cleaning of the fuel injectors also guarantees that your engine runs more smoothly (fewer misfires and power fluctuations) and generates more power and better acceleration, as well as reducing pollution.

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